Announcing t3’s first workplace Improvement project

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It’s official! Building owner Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) and tenant Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works are the first customers to confirm projects under the t3 Initiative.

Fifth Estate published this exclusive.

In summary the project details are:
– Improvement: Upgrade of lighting from fluorescent to smart healthy LED
– Location: Two commercial office buildings, Brisbane CBD
– GHG reduction per annum: 640 Tonnes
– Expense bill reductions per annum: $300,000
– Charity donation: $30,000

Health and productivity is a significant benefit of this project – for QIC it was important that the lighting installed met the requirements of the WELL Building Standard in terms of melanopic light intensity. An important consideration when the chosen LED lighting has a life expectancy of twenty years, this being reinforced with a product warranty for ten years and a performance of light spread and reflectivity to be 100% as it is on day one, after eleven years. At a conservative estimate of a 2% productivity improvement, this will provide an annual improvement of $5 million for the occupant.

Lighting is one part of the productivity consideration in the workplace, we acknowledge there are more influencing factors. But this positive workplace improvement provides a solid foundation to build the healthy, productive workplace all employees want to work in and is a very positive long term asset management strategy by QIC.

We commend QIC and the QLD Government for supporting t3 and demonstrating they are committed to improving health outcomes, reducing costs and carbon footprint, continual improvement within and outside their workplace and giving back to the wider community.

About t3 Initiative: t3, developed by Incorp, is a strategic way of diverting current expense lines to optimise a building for both productivity and environmental performance. This gives both building owners and their business tenants an incentive to upgrade premises during an existing lease period.

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About WELL: The International WELL Building Institute fosters a holistic formula for better health and wellness outcomes in buildings and communities globally. This in turns leads to improvements in things like employee productivity, engagement and retention.

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